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Press Release: The Credit Ombud & MicroFinance SA

We are guided by the theme “Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights for an Equal Future”. What this means is that before gender, comes fairness. Your gender should not determine the level of fairness afforded to you. Having financial equality as a woman means being financially inclusive.

MicroFinance SA (MFSA) and the Credit Ombud are emphasizing to women that equality is not about becoming like your counterparts but rather about recognizing your own power and using that to get ahead. The truth about women is that they conquer and overcome. They soldier on even in the toughest situations. And they do it all with the softness and love that they have been naturally gifted with. And that is their power; being able to defeat the odds as WOMEN. Not trying to imitate or copy from men, but simply being themselves.

Here are a few typical characteristics which we want to use to provide women with ways on how they can become financially savvy:

· Patient

Becoming financially savvy requires one to be patient. As the saying goes; “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Whether it is rebuilding your credit profile, or you wanting to pay off all your debt and start saving, you need patience. One of the mandates of the Credit Ombud is to educate the public pertaining to the credit industry. And in our many consumer education campaigns; we have come across women who do not know how to dispute their credit information at the credit bureaux. And due to th