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MicroFinance South Africa


Welcome to MicroFinance South Africa (MFSA), the largest Association that represents responsible and professional Microfinance Credit Providers, also known as Microfinanciers and Micro-Finance Institutions (MFI’s).
MFSA was established in 1996 with the objective to serve and be recognized as the trusted voice of responsible Microfinanciers. Members sought for the industry to be acknowledged as a professional market and furthermore required a legal framework to operate in. The MFSA’s vision, to ensure a sustainable microfinance industry, was brought forth.



Microfinance has evolved over the years, and MFIs have expanded their services, with Service Providers who enable them to do so, to include innovative financial products and technology-driven solutions. Microfinance credit providers provide access to financial services to the underserved and financially excluded population and have become a vital player in the broader financial sector, they have shown that they can contribute to economic growth and financial inclusion.
MFSA is a member organization, governed and overseen via a structure that includes an Annual General Meeting and an elected board with working board committees. MFSA is registered as a Section 21 Company (1996/001116/08) with Snijder and Associates as the appointed auditors and Nedbank as the appointed MFSA business banker.

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