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MicroFinance South Africa

Credit Bureaus & Data

The credit bureaus and data sector is an important component of the South African financial industry. Credit bureaus collect and maintain information about individuals' and businesses' credit histories and provide this information to microfinanciers and other credit providers to help them assess credit affordability.

The sector is regulated to ensure that data is collected and used in a responsible and transparent manner, protecting the interests of consumers and promoting financial stability in the country.

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National Credit Regulator (NCR)

The NCR is responsible for enforcing the National Credit Act, which regulates the credit industry and aims to promote responsible lending practices.

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South African Credit & Risk Reporting Association (SACRRA)

The SACRRA plays an important role in driving the focus on comprehensive credit profiles and overall data quality.


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Credit Bureau Association (CBA)

Credit reporting to the NCR in respect of the suppliers of data to the credit bureaus, and facilitates the reporting by credit bureaus in respect of consumer credit information to the NCR.


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