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Since inception in 1996, MFSA has grown substantially. Today, our members include sole proprietors, medium-sized businesses, as well as large national corporate groups. The diversity of our membership base illustrates our intent to provide an official headquarters to microfinance credit providers of all shapes and sizes. Here our leadership structure reflects our capacity to maintain a strong delivery track record together with ongoing relevance.


a.    Service offering

We provide a wide range of specialist services namely:

·            Advocacy

·            Industry-wide representation

·            Research and development

·            Thought leadership

·            Reputation management (enhancing perceptions of microfinance credit providers within the macroeconomic space)

·            Business support, information sharing and  industry guidance

·            Networking platforms

·            General business support


As it is cost and resource-intensive and in certain cases may be regarded as unnecessary expenditure, it is often exceptionally difficult for smaller businesses to provide these functions. Internally MFSA has thus positioned itself to legitimately manage the above on behalf of the MFSA Members. This approach ensures that benefits of scale can be achieved and that one single and legitimate voice is heard at the appropriate and required forums and events. Members are thus protected from victimisation and share in the collective benefit generated through the association by all its members.


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