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MFSA is a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to enhancing consumer confidence in micro-finance by ensuring professional, legal, and ethical conduct. The MFSA has established a Code of Good Practice as a voluntary standard to which its members have agreed to adhere.

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MFSA currently represents more than 1400 Microfinance Credit Provider offices that are registered with the National Credit Regulator in accordance with the National Credit Act. The majority of significant Service Providers in the industry are Associate Members of the MFSA and provide services to Microfinance credit providers ranging from Loan Administration Programs, Payment Systems, Insurance and/or Credit Life Insurance, Credit Bureau Data, Document Verification, and Legal and Compliance Services, to name a few. 

Our members constitute a National presence with outlets situated in rural, semi-urban, and urban areas all across South Africa. They provide short-term and unsecured credit to a distinct segment of South African consumers. 

MFSA Members 1400+


Over the past 27 years, MFSA has remained focused on the vision to ensure a sustainable microfinance industry and continued to expand our footprint, presence, and impact.

We are committed to promoting the interests of our members and their clients and we achieve this by focusing on; Continuous Advocacy, Meaningful Member Interaction, and People and Market Development.

As a member of the MFSA, you will have access to a range of benefits, including Industry-Wide Representation, Networking opportunities, training and capacity building, and advocacy and representation at the national and international levels. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to our shared mission through participation in working groups, committees, and other initiatives.


"Keep up the excellent work you do in the industry and trying to work together with all stakeholders to achieve the same outcome when it comes to consumers."



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Industry News

Updates about Payments

FIC Information

Informative Booklets

National Consumer Tribunal Cases

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As an Association, a major focus is Operational Efficiency, we thus provide a platform for collaboration and networking among our members. We facilitate the sharing of best practices and ideas, and we provide educational and training opportunities to help our members improve their skills and deepen their knowledge for the benefit of their success and the growth of the industry.


Our Service Provider Members partner with us to amplify our impact, and create meaningful and lasting change to move forward into the future. They offer services such as Loan Administration Programs, Payment Systems, Insurance, Legal and Compliance Services, to name a few. 

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