The MFSA was established in 1996 to serve as mouthpiece for the individual micro lender within the bigger scope of the macro economy of South Africa.

The MFSA is a non-profit organisation (Sect 21 Company) with a Memorandum of Incorporation, a Board of Directors and working committees as well as the officially recognised representative body of professional micro credit providers. MFSA is a self-regulating organisation for the sake of an ethical industry. As an organisation of voluntary members who are dedicated, registered and committed to professional business practices, MFSA is there to service its members, consumers, the industry and the total economic sector and to protect the rights and interest of professional micro credit providers.


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Who We Are


Ensuring a sustainable Microfinance Industry.


Promoting the interests of all members and their clients through:

  • Advocacy
  • Member interaction
  • Development


  • Professionalism
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Client Care

Our Focus areas

  • Advocacy
  • Information
  • Membership

Given the fact that MFSA is a membership organisation, a major part of the workings of the organisation is impacted via annual member Contact Sessions at regional locations throughout the Country and a major centralised Annual General Meeting and Conference held at convenient venues. These sessions provide opportunities for personal contact between the members and leadership of MFSA and are an excellent platform for professional interaction, networking and promotion of business products and services.