In order to ensure a sustainable Microfinance Industry we would like to encourage all credit providers to register with MicroFinance South Africa (MFSA). Our strength is in our numbers, MFSA represents almost 1200 Microfinance offices registered with the National Credit Regulator and the majority of significant Service Providers in the Sector.

By registering with the MFSA you will be ensuring the sustainability of our industry and making our voice heard.


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Who Should Join

MFSA provides the following range of services on behalf of their Members:

  • Ongoing Advocacy and Industry-Wide Representation
  • Research
  • Industry Leadership
  • Reputation Management
  • Business Support, Information Sharing and Direction with regards to the Industry
  • Participation in Industry Forums

It is exceptionally difficult for smaller businesses to service these areas of expertise internally. It is cost and resource-intensive and may in certain cases be seen as self indulgence. MFSA has positioned itself to legitimately manage the above on behalf of the MFSA Members.

This approach ensures that benefits of scale can be achieved and that one single and legitimate voice is heard at the appropriate and required forums and instances.

Members are thus protected from victimisation and share in the collective benefit generated through the association by all its members.


Through membership of MFSA our members are automatically affiliated with:

- National Loans Register / SACRRA (South African Credit & Risk Reporting Association) (NLR/SACRRA

By virtue of membership of the MFSA, members also subscribe support and commit to the support of the Credit Industry Code of Conduct. Complete document available on request.